Oil massage with stonetherapy / herbal balls therapy

SPA treatment combines classic relaxing techniques with oil and hot elements: hot stones or herbal bags. Stone therapy is based on white jade stones providing a deep warming effect on muscles and spine, improving blood circulation and promoting muscle recovery during intense physical exertion. Hot herbal bags combine physical, aroma and phytotherapy, have a gentle effect on the body muscles.

  • Duration: 90 minutes


Stone therapy and hot herbal bags will help relieve fatigue, boost immunity, and improve well-being and mood. Oil massage techniques in combination with hot elements relieve insomnia, physical fatigue and nervous tension, recover from intoxication, joint and muscle pain. SPA treatment promotes deep physical and mental relaxation, reduces the effects of sedentary lifestyle, helps to reduce body weight by activating blood circulation and processes in the subcutaneous fat layer.

Our SPA Salon offers you to choose hot items for the SPA treatment:

  • stone therapy is performed with white jade stones. It is suitable for people suffering from headaches, chronic fatigue, stress, muscle pain, impaired immunity, cellulite and excess weight;
  • hot herbal bags combine physical, aroma and phytotherapy. They serve to relax the nervous system, affect gently on the body muscles.

Indications for the SPA treatment:

  • physical fatigue;
  • nervous strain, regular stress,
  • impaired immunity,
  • back pain and muscle pain, sore throat after exercise;
  • poor cold tolerance.

Contraindications to the SPA treatment:



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