Basic marine treatment from the professional French brand Thalasso Bretagne to restore the mineral balance in the body, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Such a treatment is necessary for everyone since it replenishes the reserves of minerals, improves metabolic processes, contributes to the saturation of tissues with moisture and oxygen, and ensures drainage effect. The procedure allows to feel calm and well-balanced.

  • Duration: 110 minutes


SPA program “Sea Wrapping No. 1: Energy of the Ocean” from the French brand Thalasso Bretagne is designed to preserve and restore healthy skin using natural ocean algae, sea water and mud. The components of cosmetics will help restore mineral balance, improve metabolic processes in the skin, and contribute to the saturation of tissues with moisture and oxygen. 

SPA program consists of four stages:

  • Gommage scrub with sea crystals

The stage is designed to ensure deep cleansing of the skin and its preparation for further application of active agents. The mechanical action of gommage scrub activates blood microcirculation in the upper layers of the skin and increases the skin sensitivity to marine ingredients. Extracts of Laminaria and Fucus effectively drain tissues, remove toxins, accelerate lipolysis processes.

  • Remineralization 

When the pores are as clear and open as possible, the master applies the gel body mask with a high content of marine ingredients. The body mask helps to restore the mineral balance, relieves muscle tension, restores the general tone of the body, accelerates cellular metabolism.

  • Classic SPA oil treatment for the whole body (60 min)

Classic SPA treatment based on oil continues the program. The master removes seals and clamps in the muscles, improves blood flow to tissues, and normalizes lymph flow. SPA treatment helps to eliminate pain, muscle spasms, edema, activate blood circulation, strengthen joints.

  • Body skin moisturizing

Applying moisturizing milk enriched with valuable natural ingredients and natural plant extracts from Thalasso Bretagne ensures creating a mineral “overcoat” and protecting the skin from moisture loss. 

SPA treatment “Energy of the Ocean” is suitable for both women and men, has no seasonal restrictions. 

SPA program is recommended for:

  • immune stimulation;
  • dehydrated skin;
  • removal of wastes from the body;
  • normalization of sleep;
  • removal of muscle hypertonicity.

Contraindications to the SPA program: 


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