SPA Care Contraindications

I. General contraindications

  1. Fevers, colds and infectious diseases.
  2. Acute inflammatory diseases or chronic in the acute stage. The active form of tuberculosis.
  3. Venereal diseases.
  4. Osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone marrow) is acute and chronic.
  5. Inflammation of lymph nodes of unspecified etiology.
  6. Acute hepatic, renal, cardiac, pulmonary insufficiency.
  7. Diseases of the urinary organs with chronic renal failure.
  8. Progressive glaucoma.
  9. Pregnancy (after consulting a gynecologist with the definition of areas of massage).
  10. After childbirth or abortion (no earlier than 2 months).
  11. Epilepsy.
  12. Cachexia (exhaustion).
  13. Malignant neoplasms before treatment (after treatment – according to the conclusion of an oncologist).
  14. Benign formations in the affected area.
  15. Cirrhosis of the liver.
  16. Bronchiectasis in severe and complicated form.
  17. The state of alcohol or drugs intoxication.
  18. Allergy to components of SPA-agents (wraps).

II. Blood diseases:

  1. Bleeding, blood disease.
  2. After bleeding due to peptic ulcer, gynecological, trauma and other diseases (no earlier than 2 months).

III. Skin diseases:

  1. 21. Purulent, infectious, fungal lesions, irritation of the skin or scalp.

IV. Cardiovascular pathology:

  1. Severe chronic heart failure, myocardial infarction, pulmonary edema (no earlier than 2 months).
  2. Severe heart rhythm disorders (for lighter heart rhythm disorders, as determined by a physician or cardiologist).
  3. Varicose veins (exclude these areas).
  4. Hypertensive heart disease III. With frequent hypertensive crises.
  5. Aneurysm of any localization.
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