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Joy Massage Salon – is a SPA-salon at the 5-star hotel “Beijing” in Minsk, which welcomes both hotel and city guests. The Salon is equipped with five spa rooms, a relaxation room with a projector, a functional reception area. The Salon offers a wide range of massages, spa body treatments, and comprehensive individual and couple programs.

Spa specialists of Joy Massage Salon apply unique methods of Chinese traditional massage, classical European techniques, mixed Pan-Asian, Ayurvedic rituals, enchanting body treatments.

Due to the comprehensive approach at Joy Massage Salon, you can feel a surge of energy, restore vitality, ensure physical and mental balance.

JOY MASSAGE SALON offers both modern and time-tested body and face care services. SPA services are regularly updated following the global trends in the SPA industry.

Our masters apply classical European techniques, therapeutic massage, relaxation treatment, Thai massage, Chinese massage, power and sports massage, Spanish massage, exfoliation and wrapping, bandage swaddling, etc.

Manual techniques are complemented with branded beauty products and help you nourish, moisturize, protect and cleanse your skin, prolonging its beauty and youth.

Here you can try thalasso and balneotherapy, programs for body shaping and general health improvement, skin rejuvenation and improvement of its condition, enjoy aromatic oil treatments, delicate and natural European cosmetics, get a long-awaited rest away from the hustle and bustle.

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JOY MASSAGE SALON SPA specialists open you the world of SPA wellbeing culture, revealing the pleasure of taking care of yourself. They work with you from the outside to the inside. The master perceives and feels the uniqueness of each guest, ensures special treatment and care, offering individual programs and masterfully treating the body.

Due to an integrated approach, you can forget about everyday issues for a while, relieve stress and find peace. We will be happy to immerse you in the wellness culture, the world of beauty and healthy lifestyle. And you will definitely want to return again and again.

SPA services have already become an effective and pleasant way to maintain beauty, health and ensure recovery from stress. JOY MASSAGE SALON always offers services that allow you to visit the SPA at reasonable price. Moreover, our loyalty program will make your visits even more pleasant.

Gift cards and certificates will help you share your impressions and please your loved ones. They are available both at the reception of the Salon and on our website (electronic gift cards).

In JOY MASSAGE SALON you can also purchase professional cosmetics designed to help you prolong the effect of the procedures or to pamper your loved ones.

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