Cupping ritual

The ritual is performed using special vacuum cups. The effect of the ritual is achieved by increasing the flow of blood to the tissues, accelerating the outflow of lymph, removing toxins, improving the functioning of the immune system, and toning the skin. According to the Chinese tradition, it is performed on the back area to relax muscles or on the thighs and buttocks to ensure the anti-cellulite effect. 

  • Duration: 30 minutes


In the Chinese medicine, vacuum cupping massage has been used for healing and getting rid of ailments since ancient times.

The purpose of the cupping massage is to increase the blood flow to some areas of ​​the body by creating a vacuum under the cup. This effect activates the process of tissue saturation with oxygen, speeds up metabolism, and also improves blood and lymph flow. As a result, the secretory functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands increases, which serve to remove salts, urea, bile acids and acetone from the body. In addition, the procedure allows to reduce edema in the tissues, and enhances the nutrition and respiration of the skin, the mobility of the ligamentous apparatus.

This SPA treatment can leave purple marks on the body, which is normal. They disappear within 3-6 days. After the procedure, you cannot take a shower for 1 day, visit the pool, sauna, jacuzzi, sunbathe for another 3-7 days.

Indications for the procedure:

  • overwork, back pain from overexertion;
  • impaired immunity;
  • colds (in the absence of high fever);
  • diseases of the pelvic organs (in remission);
  • overweight;
  • cellulite.

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • general contraindications
  • lesions of the skin and soft tissues;
  • problems with blood vessels: thrombosis, cerebral atherosclerosis, aneurysm, varicose veins;
  • blood clotting disorders, tendency to open bleeding;
  • heart and lung diseases;
  • viral and colds with high fever;
  • diabetes mellitus.


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