Chinese ritual for feet

SPA treatment for feet involves a local effect on reflex points on the feet, legs and the area around the knees. The ritual for the feet helps to get rid of tired legs, insomnia, digestive problems, headaches. It includes steaming feet, foot and leg massage up to the knee, hand and shoulder massage

  • Duration: 60 minutes


The Chinese ritual for feet is a unique SPA treatment regarding its healing properties The master thoroughly affects reflex points and special lines on the feet, legs, arms and neck-collar area. Due to careful work with the feet, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the functioning of the body systems: digestion, blood circulation, and the respiratory system.

The master begins with steaming the feet and working out the arms and shoulders, then works out the points on the feet and lower leg to the knee, at the end the master works with the neck-collar area.

The Chinese called this massage “legs happiness”: it helps tired limbs to relax and rest, activates the body’s hidden resources, provides a boost of energy and enhances mood.

Indications for the SPA treatment: 

  • tiredness and swelling of the legs,
  • headache,
  • insomnia,
  • impaired appetite,
  • metabolic problems. 

Contraindications to the SPA treatment: 

  • varicose veins (massage is allowed only in a very mild form),
  • oncology and neoplasms,
  • feet diseases,
  • thrombosis,
  • fungal or inflammatory skin diseases,
  • serious deviations of the heart functioning,
  • injuries, sprains of feet and legs.


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