Anti-cellulite SPA treatment

Manual technique is aimed at correcting cosmetic skin defects in problem areas and stimulating the processes of burning fat deposits in the subcutaneous layers. At the same time, the effect is aimed at improving the circulation of lymph and blood in the treated area, relieving muscle tension and activating metabolism. The procedure can be supplemented by application of a vacuum can in problem areas.

  • Duration: 60 minutes


Anti-cellulite massage is a complex of manual techniques to affect the skin in order to reduce body fat and balance metabolism in the body. The main aim of the anti-cellulite massage is tissue kneading to activate blood circulation, movement of lymph and intercellular fluid. The specialist pays special attention to problem areas prone to cellulite. The movements stimulate the cells to work actively, boosting all the processes of intracellular metabolism. In addition to combating fat deposits, massage allows to tone the skin, ensuring its elasticity and softness It is also aimed at removing excess fluid and toxins from the body.

Indications for the SPA treatment: 

  • prevention of cellulite;
  • fight against “orange peel”;
  • prevention of cellulite deposits in thighs, abdomen, legs;
  • correction of impaired cellular metabolism;
  • acceleration of metabolism and restoration of the large intestine functioning.

Contraindications to the SPA treatment:



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