Gua Sha

Chinese immune stimulating ritual for the back. It is carried out using a special scraper from buffalo horn or another natural material. The instrument is pressed on the skin and scraped along it to open the capillaries, increase blood circulation and relax the muscles.

  • Duration: 30 minutes


The Chinese scraper massage Gua Sha contains the eastern secret of healing the body. This is the oldest way to remove toxins and wastes with the help of special scrapers made from natural materials, affecting not muscles and internal organs, but the skin capillaries. During the procedure, the master scraps certain areas on the guest’s body, resulting to pores opening, destroying capillaries in the upper layers of the skin, activation of the blood and lymph microcirculation in the tissues, and launching the body self-healing processes.

This type of spa treatment can leave purple lines on the body, which is normal. They disappear within 3-6 days. After the procedure, you cannot take a shower for 1 day, visit the pool, sauna, jacuzzi, sunbathe for another 3-7 days. 

Indications for the SPA treatment:

  • – disorder of the musculoskeletal system, (improve joint mobility, relieve muscle spasm, stimulate lymph flow and blood flow);
  • – gynecological diseases (improve blood and lymph flow in the pelvic area, eliminate congestion and inflammation, adhesion resorption);
  • – colds (restore the drainage function of the respiratory tract, reduce cough);
  • – diseases of the cardiovascular system (reduce and stabilize blood pressure)
  • – diseases of the digestive system (increase the efficiency of the digestive system);
  • – neurological problems (improve sleep and appetite, decrease anxiety).

Contraindications to the SPA treatment:

  • general contraindications;
  • skin diseases and skin lesions, abundance of papillomas and moles;
  • high blood pressure;
  • condition after a stroke;
  • reduced kidney function;
  • failure of internal organs;
  • reduced platelet count;
  • diabetes mellitus.


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