Lymphatic drainage face massage

Face massage is aimed at eliminating congestion sings: edema, fibrosis of the subcutaneous fat and, as a result, uneven skin relief, pouches, puffiness of the face and neck. 

  • Duration: 60 minutes


Lymphatic drainage massage of the face, neck and décolleté accompanied with a moisturizing mask is a choice of many women intending to restore youth, elasticity to their skin, relieving it of congestion sings. The main advantage of this program is a whole range of effects: it perfectly nourishes, strengthens and tightens the dermis layer, increases the supply of oxygen to the skin, removes signs of fatigue, improves complexion and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The mask perfectly moisturizes, and the lymphatic drainage massage removes fluid from the body. This combination ensures elimination of edema, pouches, superior sulcus hollowing. The specialist provides a stimulating effect on biologically active points by assessing the force of pressure in a tactile manner. As a result, the metabolism at the cellular level is normalized, the complexion improves. A visually pronounced lifting effect is achieved. Muscles are toned, the facial contours become more prominent, fine wrinkles are smoothed out.


  • – severe swelling;
  • – sagginess, dryness, deterioration of skin color;
  • – excess body fat;
  • – pouches and dark bruises under the eyes;
  • – decreased muscle tone;
  • – fuzzy facial contours, double chin;
  • – expression and age wrinkles;
  • – gravitational ptosis.


  • – oncological neoplasms;
  • – neuralgia;
  • – severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • – acute heart or renal failure;
  • – progressive viral, bacterial, fungal diseases;
  • – diabetes mellitus (treatment failure);
  • – exacerbation of pathologies occurring in a chronic form;
  • – chronic dermatoses in the acute stage;
  • – damage to the skin in the affected area;
  • – thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
  • – diseases of the lymphatic system, such as lymphadenopathy, lymphadenitis.

Duration: 60 min

Price: 120 BYN

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