Beauty ceremony “Journey to the Route of Delights”

Ceremony “Journey to the Route of Delights” from Sultan de Saba is refreshing, delicate and perfect for relaxing the mind and body. This is a journey into the world of sweet dreams, inspired by the gentle breath of the awakening orange garden.


Beauty ceremony “Journey to the Route of Delights” was inspired by the enchanting scent of a blossoming orange garden in Morocco. This SPA program offers a full cycle of body SPA treatments from the French cosmetics brand La Sultane de Saba. Designed for pleasure and incredible relaxation of the mind and body, it is aimed to immerse you in a ceremony of royal, luxurious care for beauty, love to your body and femininity.

Body care program “Journey to the Route of Delights” consists of five stages:

  • Washing with black eucalyptus soap

Black soap is a traditional oriental product made from natural Moroccan olives. Black soap better than other types of natural products cleanses the skin, opens pores, removes toxins, nourishes the skin, along with possessing antiseptic properties. 

  • Cleansing with orange gommage scrub

After “Black soap” the skin softens and becomes more pliable. Thus, orange gommage scrub on the basis of silk proteins removes dead cells as easily and painlessly as possible. After applying gommage scrub, a light veil of delicate aroma remains on the skin. Protein-rich gommage scrub base ensures elasticity and velvety of the skin.

  • Wrapping with rhassoul (geranium and rose scent)

When the pores are open and cleansed as much as possible, the master applies rhassoul with geranium and rose scent to the body. Rhassoul is a lathering clay rich in iron oxide and magnesium. It has absorbing and degreasing properties, removes impurities from the skin while moisturizing and nourishing it. After rhassoul applying, the master wraps the guest in a thermoplastic film, which allows the active ingredients of the products to penetrate deep into the tissues. The wrapping ends with a shower.

  • Relaxing Chiro SPA treatment 

Muscle relaxation stage with a Spanish-style full body massage. This European technique is based on smooth, wide movements of the massage therapist’s palms and forearms, the process consists of various techniques and is pleasant for the guest. The procedure perfectly relieves spasms, calms the nervous system, improves lymph drainage, and speeds up metabolism.

  • Teatime 

Teatime is an integral part of a traditional beauty ceremony. Tea break will help you immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the East, complement the body care procedure with new lines of sensations

SPA program is especially recommended

  • for those who wish to immerse themselves in the luxury of aromas;
  • with accumulated fatigue, stress, mood swings;
  • for the prevention and elimination of cellulite at various stages;
  • for the prevention of skin aging and improvement of its structure

Contraindications to the SPA program:



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