Antistress SPA

Classic massage technique with an emphasis on the neck-collar zone, feet, palms and head. It helps relieve tension and restore strength, get rid of fatigue and heaviness in your limbs due to the balance of the venous blood and lymph outflow.

  • Duration: 80 minutes


SPA treatment “Antistress” is a SPA massage based on thorough influence on problem areas of the neck-collar zone and back, achieving maximum relaxation through a light massage of feet, head and hands. This type of massage is perfect for both men and women, it will ensure complete rest and reboot.

We recommend combining the SPA treatment with pool, sauna and jacuzzi in the aqua zone of the Beijing hotel.

Indications for the SPA treatment:

  • – muscle discomfort in the back, neck and collar zone;
  • – decrease or excessive manifestation of emotionality;
  • – prolonged stress and fatigue;
  • – impaired immunity;
  • – nervous exhaustion;
  • – autonomic dysfunction;

Contraindications to the SPA treatment: 



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