Complex rejuvenation Timexpert SRNS

The program of complex fight against age-related skin changes.

  • Duration: 60 minutes


An intensive program of complex fight against age-related changes: loss of skin tone, sagging of the face oval, the appearance of wrinkles, flabbiness and dryness. This program strengthens the protective mechanisms of the skin, fights against chromoaging. Revitalizes the skin after negative environmental and lifestyle influences. Fills the skin from the inside, restoring elasticity, smoothness, density of the skin, promotes the production of its own collagen. Also at the heart of this program is the revolutionary ingredient Zinc-Glycine Complex awarded the international award in the field of cosmetology. The procedure is effective both as a single procedure and as a course of 5 procedures.

*Recommendations: 40+, any time of the year.


  • – cleansing according to skin type,
  • – exfoliation, toning,
  • – revitalizing serum,
  • – massage on SRNS emulsion,
  • – mask moisturizing and “filling effect”,
  • — emulsion finishing, protective.


  • – loss of elasticity,
  • – ptosis,
  • – dullness and flabbiness of the skin,
  • – small and mimic wrinkles,
  • – loss of elasticity,
  • – dryness.


  • – general contraindications;
  • – damage to the skin,
  • – rosation of the 2nd and 3rd degree,
  • – acne of the 2nd and 3rd degree,
  • – acute forms of dermatitis,
  • – herpes,
  • – allergic dermatoses,
  • – fragility of blood vessels,
  • – susceptibility to inflammation,
  • – individual intolerance to the ingredients of cosmetics.
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