Thalasso massage with sea magnesium

Classic SPA treatment based on magnesium concentrate compensates for magnesium deficiency, maintains the balance of the nervous system, eliminates overexertion and swelling in the muscles, increases exercise endurance, prevents cramps, improves sleep, promotes rapid falling asleep and easy morning wake up; actively promotes calcium absorption.

  • Duration: 70 minutes


Thalassotherapy is a comprehensive approach to healing the body based on sea minerals, algae, salt and mud. Thalasso massage with marine magnesium allows to replenish the lack of magnesium necessary to balance blood glucose, maintain the cardiovascular system, decrease blood pressure, maintain muscle health, get rid of cramps, insomnia and stress. The application of magnesium concentrate on the skin in combination with the classical European massage technique ensures double benefits to the body, increasing the penetration of the concentrate, relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation in tissues.

SPA massage with sea magnesium is well suited for people involved in intense mental and physical activity, as well as people in a state of fatigue, experiencing reduced performance, loss of attention; women with age-related changes, women following childbirth or sudden weight loss.

Indications for the SPA treatment: 

  • intense physical activity;
  • intense mental activity;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • fatigue, stress, insomnia,
  • cellulite, overweight,
  • frequent respiratory diseases,
  • rehabilitation after injuries,
  • periodic convulsions;
  • recovery in the postpartum period (2-3 months after childbirth).

Contraindications to the SPA treatment: 


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