Thai ritual

SPA ritual is also called passive yoga. The master works with his/her hands, knees and elbows on the energy meridians along the whole body to balance the “Qi” energy flow, kneads and stretches the muscles, restoring lightness and mobility in the body.

  • Duration: 90 minutes


Thai massage is one of the four branches of traditional Thai medicine, which is based on the restoration of the human body, mind and spirit. The main principle of the Thai traditional ritual is to influence energy channels. Throughout the ritual, the master makes not only pressing and stretching movements, but also helps a person to take poses similar to yoga poses, using not only hands, but also knees, legs, feet, and the weight of his/her body. The traditional Thai ritual is performed in a special costume, through which the specialist acts on the trigger points, relaxing the muscles, relieving spasms and improving the psycho-emotional state. Over a longer timeframe, a full course of massage will strengthen the immune system, normalize internal organs functioning and help heal long-standing injuries.

Indications for the SPA treatment:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • muscle fatigue;
  • slowed metabolism;
  • insufficient flexibility of the spine and joints. 

Contraindications to the SPA treatment:


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