Sea mineral therapy “Sea Calcium”

The program from the French brand Thalasso Bretagne is based on the active ingredients effect – kaolin, sea calcium, sea water – on the whole body. It allows to strengthen bones, ligaments, muscles, support the heart and blood vessels performance, relieve swelling and fatigue with varicose veins. Calcium is a prerequisite for the beauty of hair, nails and skin.

  • Duration: 130 minutes


The program “Marine Calcium” is a complex body thalassotherapy based on the professional French cosmetics brand Thalasso Bretagne. Mineral wrapping with sea calcium of high concentration affects the body through its active components – kaolin, sea calcium, sea water. It strengthens bones, ligaments, muscles, supports the heart and blood vessels performance, relieves swelling and fatigue with varicose veins. The program is recommended for longevity and anti-age body care programs.

SPA program for the body “Marine Calcium” consists of 5 stages:

  • Gommage scrub with sea salt from Guerande 

Gommage scrub has a delicate gel-like texture, provides effective cleansing, eliminates toxins, ensures intercellular drainage. It is a source of natural minerals. In the process of exfoliation, sea crystals activate blood microcirculation, improve skin respiration, contributing to the renewal of the epidermis and faster penetration of nutrients that are part of the subsequent care.

  • Application of calcium concentrate gel

The concentrate gel stimulates lymphatic drainage, eliminating the stagnation of intercellular fluid, normalizes metabolic processes in the skin, moisturizes and increases its elasticity, strengthens bone tissue, normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, regulates muscle contraction and hormone secretion, reduces permeability of the vascular walls, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It normalizes the pH balance in the body, slowing down the aging process.

  • Body mask with minerals

The wrapping optimizes the body’s mineral balance in terms of calcium and magnesium, improves lymphatic and venous outflow, reducing the stagnation of intercellular fluid. It helps strengthen bones, ligaments, muscles and skin, improves the performance of the nervous system, contributes to the lipolysis mechanism, and has a powerful anti-age effect.

  • Classical SPA treatment with oil

Classical SPA oil treatment continues the program. It is based on a combination of Russian, Swedish and oriental massage techniques, it helps eliminating pain, muscle spasms, edema, activating blood circulation, strengthening joints.

  • Body skin moisturizing

Applying moisturizing milk enriched with valuable natural ingredients and natural plant extracts from Thalasso Bretagne ensures creating a mineral “overcoat” and protecting the skin from moisture loss. 

SPA program is recommended:

  • for sports;
  • from stress, insomnia;
  • from fragility of hair, brittle nails;
  • stimulation in case of weak immune system;
  • from age-related skin changes.

Contraindications to the SPA program: 



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