A breath of joy for too

“Let the double happiness of spouses descend on your house”

  • Duration: 80 minutes


A breath of joy is a treatment designed for pleasure and incredible relaxation. This is an enchanting fairy tale for two that can take you to the world of comprehensive care for the body, where the body and soul return to the origins of healing, relaxation and rest. The program includes SPA treatment for the whole body “Anti-stress” for two with a choice of high-quality oils from pleasant familiar aromas of aloe, coconut to the aroma of La Sultane de Sabba bouquets. The master works like butter and focuses on the most problematic areas – the back and neck-collar zone, and also works on the feet, palms and head, which allows you to feel complete relaxation and peace. “Antistress” fights chronic fatigue, normalizes sleep, relaxes muscle spasms, promotes the production of the hormone endorphin.

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