Joy salon special treatment “Mix of the World” oil selection

Combination of techniques from the most popular massage types around the world: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Thai and others. It is accompanied with the use of sandalwood oil, having antioxidant and soothing properties. The procedure allows to increase alertness, improve mental clarity, enveloping with the scent of tranquility.  

  • Duration: 90 minutes


SPA treatment “World Mix” is a combination of techniques from the most popular manual massage types around the world: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Balinese and other types of massage, which are suitable for both men and women.

The wide range of techniques and their subtle combination with smooth passages make this ritual unique and exotic. The master affects the whole body from the crown to the tips of the toes, introducing you to the culture of the world SPA recovery. This is a bright show of sensations replacing each other. The person experiences deep relaxation of the whole body. The procedure stimulates lymph flow, improves blood supply to organs and tissues. Combination of techniques and approaches to massage makes each session unique taking into account all individual characteristics.

The special piquancy of the ritual is given by the choice of oil according to flavor and preference. Sandalwood, aloe, coconut oil or complex aromatic oils of Ayurveda, orange flowers, Tranquillity immerse a charming fairy tale of aromas, moisturize and nourish your skin.

 Indications for the SPA treatment:

  • physical and emotional fatigue;
  • pain in the back, lower back, neck.

Contraindications to the SPA treatment:


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