A Breath of Sea Air for too

A spa programme to restore the mineral balance in the body, moisturize and rejuvenate skin. The treatment improves metabolic processes, saturates tissues with moisture and oxygen and removes excess fluid from the body. You fill enjoy the feeling of calmness and harmony.  The programme includes:

  1. Gommage with sea crystals (10 min)
  2. Remineralization  (20 min)
  3. Full body classic spa oil massage (60 min)
  4. Skin moisturizing (10 min)
  5. Tea drinking  (10 min)

  • Duration: 120 minutes


The spa package for two “A Breath of Sea Air” starts with “Sea wrap #1: ocean energy” by the French brand Thalasso Bretagne, which is recognized as a reference thalassotherapeutic treatment product. The main idea of thalassotherapy is to preserve and restore human health with the help of natural oceanic algae, sea water, and mud. This is the world’s most popular way to maintain natural beauty and fight overweight. The components of the cosmetic products will restore mineral balance, improve skin metabolism and saturate skin tissues with moisture and oxygen.

The spa programme consists of five phases:

  • Gommage with sea ​​crystals

It is intended for deep cleansing of skin and its preparation for further application of active agents. The mechanical effect of gommage activates blood microcirculation in the upper layers of skin and increases skin’s sensitivity to marine ingredients. Extracts of Laminaria and Fucus effectively drain tissues, remove toxins and accelerate lipolysis processes.

  • Remineralization

When pores are purified and open, a gel body mask with a high concentration of marine ingredients is applied to the body. The mask helps to restore mineral balance, relieves muscle tension, reenergizes the body and accelerates cellular metabolism.

  • Full body classic spa oil massage (60 min)


The next phase of the programme is classic spa oil massage. The therapist performs massage movements to eliminate knots and stiffened spots in muscles, improve blood flow to tissues and normalize lymph circulation. This involves the use of some technics from medical massage and helps to get rid of pain, muscle spasms, and edema, as well as to strengthen joints.

  • Body skin moisturizing

The final stage of the treatment is application of moisturizing milk enriched with valuable natural ingredients and natural plant extracts from Thalasso Bretagne. The milk has gentle texture and envelops the body in a sea ​​veil, restores the mineral balance and moisturizes skin.

  • Tea drinking 

Tea drinking is an integral part of traditional ceremonies. A tea break will help you immerse yourself in unique intimate atmosphere and complement the procedure of body treatment with new sensations.


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