Perfect harmony for too

The spa program for two is aimed at relieving accumulated tension and fatigue, an integrated approach to body and face care.

  1. Spa Body Treatment (Chinese Traditional Massage / European Classic Spa Treatment / Relax / Spanish Hiro / Chinese Traditional Foot Ritual)
  2. Face and neck massage
  3. Tea drinking

  • Duration: 90 minutes


What could be more pleasant than comprehensive body and face care in the company of a loved one? The SPA program for two “Breath of Joy” is aimed at reducing the impact of everyday stress, fatigue, returning a radiant look to the face. The program provides the most adapted complex for the individual characteristics of the body of each guest. A complex of choosing spa body care for each guest begins, depending on the wishes in terms of strength and intensity of study. After a detailed study of the whole body, special attention is paid to the face. Facial care is selected individually according to skin type, which helps to improve facial skin, give a radiant, rested look, allow you to relax more deeply and plunge into the atmosphere of beauty and health.

The Breath of Joy program includes three stages:

  • Choice of spa body treatment for two (60 minutes)
  • Face and neck massage for Two (30 minutes)
  • Tea drinking

Tea drinking is an integral part of traditional ceremonies. A tea break will help you immerse yourself in a unique secluded atmosphere, complement the body care procedure with new facets of sensations.

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